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Architects and Engineers

A significant element of our business involves the frequent provision of technical information and specifications to Specifiers, including Architects, Engineers, Painting Contractors, Businesses and Individuals.  We welcome enquiries and assist with the preparation of specifications

For many applications, it is essential that we are provided with detailed information in order to suggest products and systems to meet the requirements, and to enable our Customers to test and approve these in their particular application.  For example, we prepare schedules to set out the grades and quantities of Intumescent Paint to be applied to building Steelwork in order to meet Fire regulations.

For many products our input in also important as the Painter or Bonder may not be familiar with the specific application system.  For example, we visit sites to assist Architects in the selection of Keim paints and to support Painting Contractor unfamiliar in the application of these products


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Keim Royalan

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