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Fortacryl E250 5LTs

Fortacryl E250 is a special cement containing waterproofing wall primer for application to walls, wallcappings, windowsills and to ceilings. 


What's special about Fortacryl E250?

This acrylic primer is a hard primer to protect surfaces from water penetration whether from power hosing or rainfall onto horizontal surfaces. 

It is the ideal primer prior to an application of Fortacryl E251 Paint to and windowsills, wallcappings and walls.

It is especially good for the renovation of ceilings which have been stained with tobacco smoke, water and other liquids. It can then be overcoated with water-based acrylics to colour choice.

Recommended Use

As an exterior and interior acrylic primer to concrete render, block or brick especially where waterproofing is important. As an obliterating coating over stained plasterboard.


On exterior and interior unpainted brickwork, concrete render, wallcappings, windowsills etc. For houses, hotels, schools, sports pavilions, commercial & public buildings, warehouses, garages. On stained ceilings and walls. Conerage is approx 7 sq metres per litre.

Applic. Method


Surface Dry


Hard Dry

2 Days

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