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McConnells/Nullifire Technical Support

McConnells and Nullifire’s fully trained contract support engineers are available to assist in management and schedule planning to meet project time scales. They can also provide on-site inspection to ensure correct application or installation of all Nullifire products. This dedicated service compliments our office based Technical Services Department which deals with any projects specific enquiries.

All Nullifire products are backed by full technical information including:

  • Material loading tables for System S products (3rd Party accreditation by Certifire)
  • Application and installation data sheets
  • Materials safety data sheets
  • Certifire product assessments
  • Calculation by McConnells on the basis of steel schedules from Bills of Quantity to calculate material loadings
  • Fire Stopping Installation drawings

Expert support and assistance is available for every stage of the project, from product selection at the design stage and specification to installation advice and verification.

Key services available to all our customers and specifiers include:

  • Design stage support service
  • Specification service
  • Full take off-services: Calculating optimum material requirements and loadings
  • Fire engineering support, including project specific fire tests
  • Technical services desk
  • Regular site visits on major projects
  • Site inspection, verification and product Declaration
  • Application and installation training (On-site, in-house or at customer premises)
  • Primer and top seal compatibility checking
  • On-site adhesion and primer checks
  • Fire Stopping Surveys and schedules
  • Fire Stopping solutions, including Fire Engineering Judgements
  • Architect and Main Contractor presentations

McConnells and Nullifire pride themselves on being able to provide the full service from design, specification to installation guidance and quality sign-off. From quality assurance at point of manufacture, through to verification of application or installation at point of use on the complete Nullifire product range, we endeavor to provide a standard second to none.

On completion of each project McConnells will provide certification as follows:

Certification to be completed by the Intumescent Painting Contractor on the strict basis that the finalised paint quantities for this job/bill/contract per McConnells loading schedules have been applied for this specific contract.

Certification to be completed by McConnells, following receipt of the Intumescent Painting Contractor’s certificate referred to above, on the strict basis that the finalised paint quantities for this job/bill/contract per McConnells loading schedules have been purchased for this job/bill/contract:

For all your passive fire protection needs please contact McConnells for further details and assistance:

Tel: 0535-1-2822877 E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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